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After 6 long years the XXXX GOLD Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series is returning to Innisfail Brothers Leagues Club for what is shaping up to be one of the biggest professional bull riding events delivered north of Townsville.

Forty of the nation’s most accomplished bull riders from the PBR National Series will converge on Callendar Park on Saturday, September 15th to do battle with 50 of the state’s most extreme bucking bulls in a 3 and half hour action packed show from start to finish.

Unique to the Innisfail competition is that it will play an important part in the international pathway with all points and money won in this event counting towards the 2012 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas in late October as well as qualifications into the November Cup Series events, which includes the Troy Dunn Invitational in Townsville.

Brothers Leagues Club at Callendar Park offers a great location for fans to witness this major league sporting event up close, with the bull riding arena being constructed in front of the main grandstand. In addition to this the event will feature the Bullzye T-Shirt Launcher with plenty of freebies, Re-Ride the Mascot, a million dollar mobile big screen delivering instant replays on each of the rides, inside the bucking chute camera angles so they don’t miss any of the action as well as educating the audience with the latest PBR film clips on how to score the event, the bull breeding genetics and much more.

We aim to deliver a show like no other, states PBR General Manager – Glen Young. It is more than just showcasing great riders on exceptionally athletic bulls even though this is the main component of the event as people love to see the sports great bulls, but they also like to see them tested and ridden. On average with our events the competition is pretty even with upto 50% of the bulls being ridden, the caliber of rider competing in PBR events are as good as it gets and when you have anyone of the 40 riders in the competition having what it takes to win, it is edge of your seat entertainment from the first bull to the last.

The whole format of the show is quite fast paced yet designed in a way that educates and entertains the audience as the show progresses and come time for the Championship Round where the top 10 riders in the competition are matched against the top 10 bulls, the competition all comes down to how well the riders can perform on these star bulls and secure the win, which is not decided until the last bull of the night has bucked.

It goes without hesitation in saying that this is one of the toughest sports in the modern day sporting market; it is known fact that a bull rider will be challenged by injury during his career; it is just a matter of when and how bad. Unlike allot of other athletes, these guys don’t leave the field if injured, many continue to compete with injury because it is only when they are competing and winning that they get paid.

The PBR Touring Pro Series events are going from strength to strength, many are selling out well in advance and with the Brothers Leagues Club being such a great venue and in a central northern location, it made sense to re-establish an event in the north, especially now that the devastation of the past cyclones is behind us, states Glen Young. It is our aim to not only deliver a great event for all ages, but also attract a large number of out of town visitors and create some economic impact for the town; at the end of the day we are keen to see this become one of the key signature events annually for Innisfail.

Following the event the Brothers Leagues Club will come alive with the Official PBR Buckle Up After Party where the fans can meet the bull riders and the die-hard party goers entertained.

Tickets are offered for pre-sale via or dial 0749 454450 or get them at the gate.

For more information about the XXXX GOLD Innisfail PBR Touring Pro call Jackie Dunn at 07 4945 4450 or by email at



Innisfail XXXX GOLD PBR Touring Pro Division

Brothers Leagues Club – Callendar Park – Billy Slater Oval

Saturday September 15

Gates open from 5.30pm. Bull Riding action from 7.30pm.


Ticket Prices:


Adult     $ 35
Child      $ 15
Family   $ 90 (2a + 2c)